Hello 9th grade,
I hope you had a most wonderful weekend and field trip last weekend. I am in the States for a couple days and have three projects for you to work on while I am away. Below, please find a list of tasks to complete in class by Wednesday.
Remember, the substitute is not here to make sure you are on task; you are responsible for your own work and actions. You may not listen to music or may only work with a partner when given permission to do so by the substitute.
Wednesday and Friday we will be rehearse your stage combat scenes- you may NOT rehearse either scene study but must have the scenes and groups selected.
If you have any questions, please email or have one of my advisees Skype me.
Thanks! Miss you tons!
Ms. Kate
By Wednesday, please complete the following tasks:
1. Read over the Classic Art Remake project instructions.
2. Research and identify two contrasting works of art from one of the website databases (two very different styles of artists and subjects).
3. Begin to make an action plan for how and when you will take the photos for your Classic Art Remake project.
Answer the following & send to me via email:
o What two art pieces will you be remaking (include title and artist name)?
o What supplies do you need to create your images?
o Where will you take your images?
o When will you take these photos?
o What will you take your photographs with?
o Do you need additional people to assist you? If so, who will assist you?
4. Passionate Action (Individual project that begins today, 11 June!):So you’ve got a passion… but what are you doing about it? Write a paragraph on how your passion exists in your life.
5. Research organizations that align with your passion.
6. Create an action plan daily activities and one small mini-project that will demonstrate your passion in ACTION. Email this to Ms. Kate by Wednesday 8am.
7. Identify an R & J scene that would be useful for rehearsing stage combat. This scene should be shorter in length of lines (about 10 to 15) but should have multiple opportunities for physical stage combat.
8. Identify a small group to work with for your stage combat scene; edit your scene, and WRITE out the specific combat choreography you will use and when.
9. In addition to the stage combat scene, identify a R & J scene or monologue for your final performance project.This will be your final for the class; it does not have to include stage combat. After you have selected your scene and group, edit it and begin conversations on how you will adapt the scene (note: You may adapt the setting to modern times, however all scenes must use Shakespearean English).